Wholesaler METRO Cash & Carry Launches Direct Supply Scheme for Bulgarian Farmers

Wholesaler METRO Cash & Carry Launches Direct Supply Scheme for Bulgarian Farmers

Sofia, June 27 (BTA) - Bulgarian Agriculture, Food and Forests Minister Roumen Porozhanov and METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria Sales Manager Georgi Iliev on Tuesday launched a scheme for direct supply of Bulgarian-grown produce in the wholesaler chain's 11 stores across the country.

Speaking to the media, Porozhanov said that the scheme was conceived in 2014 and has been implemented thanks to the determination of the METRO management, the Agriculture Ministry, and the academic community. The idea is to assist farmers from production methods to packaging and modes of payment in order to promote the production of high-quality food. Porozhanov said that the scheme will be expanded as interest was very high.

According to Iliev, the new scheme for direct supply will ensure fair prices for Bulgarian farmers. He said that the initiative supports the sustainable development of small agricultural holdings and the local economy.

Iliev said that METRO Cash & Carry stores will stock over 150 varieties of Bulgarian fruit and vegetables. Bulgarian farmers are expected to supply a minimum of 12,000 tonnes of Bulgarian produce annually.

METRO has concluded supply contracts with more than 100 Bulgarian farmers, and their number is expected to exceed 200 by the end of the year. The wholesale chain also plans to stock its stores with fresh meat from Bulgarian farms.

Over 6,000 Bulgarian restaurants and more than 300,000 specialist clients will be able to purchase fresh Bulgarian-grown produce.

Source: Sofia