Lone 80-year-old Bulgarian Sailor Completes Round-world Trip

Lone 80-year-old Bulgarian Sailor Completes Round-world Trip

Varna, on the Black Sea, May 18 (BTA) - Eighty-year-old Bulgarian sailor Vasil Kourtev and his yacht "Odessos" were welcomed home on Wednesday after sailing around the world for two years. The "trip" began on August 5, 2015. The sea lion has sailed 26,000 nautical miles. "I had a dream and I achieved it. I am a happy man!" were Kourtev first words when he stepped on firm land in Varna. He was welcomed by relatives, friends and representatives of various institutions.

Kourtev has three Golden Globe awards of the Cor Caroli Foundation. His adventure began from Balchik (on the Black Sea). He built his yacht with his own hands, with the help of his brother Nedelcho. He also covered all the expenses for the trip himself. Kourtev turned 80 during his solo journey, while he was sailing in the Indian Ocean.

The sailor told media he had quite a number of critical moments. His autopilot broke down in the middle of the Atlantic, then he had problems with the sails and the engine was out on several occasions. Taking a question how he dealt with the problems, Kourtev said that whoever goes out to sea prays to God. His greatest problems were in the Red Sea - no wind, followed by gale-force wind, as well as a sandstorm.

Joking about food, the sailor said he is not the best of cooks but he managed. Now he dreams of tasting Bulgarian white cheese and yoghurt again.

There are many beautiful places on earth, he added, but he liked the Marquesas Islands best.

His wife, Maria, said she is very happy for him and is proud that her husband is a strong person and has fulfilled his dream. She was most concerned when Kourtev was in Malaysia where he fell ill. "He had a viral infection and for several days I thought that would be the end of his journey," she added.

Source: Varna, on the Black Sea