BTA's Balkan News Service Wins Annual Award for Agency Journalism

BTA's Balkan News Service Wins Annual Award for Agency Journalism

Sofia, November 6 (BTA) - The Balkan News Service of the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) won the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (UBJ) annual award for agency journalism for 2014-2015. The service was honoured for its professional and unbiased coverage of the Greek crisis and the refugee wave sweeping Europe.

"BTA's Balkan News Service is a longtime partner to UBJ, because the Union prioritizes cooperation with Balkan countries," UBJ President Snezhana Todorova said, presenting the distinction to the Service chief, Raina Asenova.

Asenova said: "We accept the award with particular satisfaction, because it comes from colleagues, and because, being agency journalists, we have no direct access to readers - our contact is indirect, via other media."

UBJ also conferred the following awards:

- The Yosif Herbst Award for lifetime contribution to Bulgarian journalism went to Milen Getov;

- The Golden Quill Award, which is also for lifetime contribution to Bulgarian journalism, went to film critic Vera Naidenova, journalists Daniela Kuneva and Toma Tomov, and Maxim Bozhilov, publisher and editor of the "Bulgarski horizonti" ("Bulgarian Horizons) newspaper in Canada;

- The Radio Journalism Award went to Raina Yotova for her programme "In the Hour of the Blue Mist" on Darik Radio;

- The Television Journalism Award went to the crew who were behind the programme "Bulgarian Cinema's Patent Leather Shoes" on Bulgarian National Television, and to Nikolai Iliev, camera operator at Bulgarian National Television, for his film "Circles of Light";

- The Print Publications Award went to the "A-specto" magazine and to poet Kalin Donkov, who contributes to the "Sega" newspaper;

- The Photo Journalism Award went to Oleg Popov of the "Troud" newspaper;

- The Bulgarian Media Abroad Award went to the internet portal;

- The Foreign Correspondent Award went to Elissaveta Konstantinova of the Bloomberg agency, US;

- The Book Award went to Kapka Todorova for her book "Lola: Sex, Moussaka and Revolutions";

- The Domestic Correspondent Award (Central Media) went to Lyubomir Yordanov, correspondent for the "Troud" daily in Montana (Northwestern Bulgaria);

- The Internet Site Award went to;

- The Bulgarian Journalism Theory Award went to Zdravka Konstantinova for her "Bulgarian Journalism (1842-1944). Current Perspectives";

- The Special Golden Quill Award went to Tihomir Tsurov for a programme on Darik Radio Gabrovo, to the "100 vesti" ("100 News") newspaper, and to Maria Galishka-Vladimirova, who compiled the book "A Newspaper's Golden Times";

- Other special awards went to the "Gora" ("Forest") magazine, the "Zhenata dnes" ("Women Today") magazine, the "Kourazh" ("Courage") magazine, the Municipal Television in Shoumen (Northeastern Bulgaria), and the "Bulgarian Musicians Encore" programme of the Horizont Service of Bulgarian National Radio.

Source: Sofia