Ruins of Dwellings from Early Middle Ages Discovered Near Town of Razgrad

Ruins of Dwellings from Early Middle Ages Discovered  Near Town of Razgrad

Razgrad, Northeast Bulgaria, October 10 (BTA) - Archaeological
structures, consisting of ruins of dwellings from the Early
Middle Ages were discovered during excavations at the Abritus
archaeological site, near the town of Razgrad. The recent finds
were discovered by archaeologists from the Razgrad Regional
Museum of History during exploration activities in the area
where Abritus was located in Late Antiquity, head of excavations
 Galena Radoslavova told BTA. Her crew's work is funded by the
Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Razgrad Municipality.

According to the archaeologist there are several interesting
finds from this period, including a set of pectoral crosses
(enkoplions) with the Crucifixion of Jesus depicted on the one
side and the Virgin Mary on the other. The discovered dwellings
can be linked to the Bulgarian population's settlement on the
ancient ruins between the end of the 9th and the beginning of
the 10th Century, said Radoslavova.

The archaeologist believes that the newly-discovered
archaeological artefacts, which include numerous ceramic dishes,
 bowls, cups, amphoras, lamps and parts of glass vessels, have
suffered a severe fire. Radoslavova believes that the finds and
the bronze coins discovered date from a period between the
middle of the 4th and the end of the 5th Century.

Source: Razgrad, Northeast Bulgaria