Bulgarian Electric Light Duty Vehicle Presented in Sofia Tech Park

September 27 (BTA) - An electric light duty vehicle entirely designed in Bulgaria was presented in Sofia Tech Park on Monday. Called L CITY, it is the first such vehicle of the Rousse-based Sin Cars Industry AD.

In her address during the event, caretaker Economy Minister Daniela Vezieva said that this innovative vehicle is an entirely Bulgarian jump in the future. In her words, the future lies in green and high technologies, and the State will make effort to support each innovative part through various measures.

The work on L CITY began in 2018. Incorporated in its cargo space are photovoltaic panels allowing the vehicle to restore up to 20 per cent of the battery's capacity in a day when it is sunny. This brings the car's actual range to some 250 to 300 km.

The expected annual production of this type of vehicle is over 20,000, which equals more than 1.5 billion euro in turnover. Elements of the manufacturing process will be done using robots. The final assembly is expected to happen soon in Germany, which would make it easier for L CITY to enter the markets and would allow the use of cadres from the automobile industry in Bavaria.

At present, the engineering, design, prototyping and testing of the cars is done in Bulgaria. The full testing of vehicles is planned to be done at an airport near Rousse (on the Danube) that is owned by the company.

Sin Cars Industry AD received many awards for innovations in the 2012-2015 period. Founder Rosen Daskalov said that his company's cars are being used in Europe and Australia, and its sports models are racing in the USA.


Source: Rousse