Interior Ministry, Prosecution Service: Crime Is Down

Interior Ministry, Prosecution Service: Crime Is Down

March 4 (BTA) - The Interior Ministry and the Prosecution
 Service reported in a joint statement on Thursday that crime in
 Bulgaria is down. Siika Mileva, spokesperson for the Prosecutor
 General, and Interior Ministry secretary general Ivailo Ivanov
said that the fight against crime has been successful despite
the pandemic.

A total of 2,300 crimes were solved and 1,200 people were
brought to court in 1,249 special operations.

The number of robberies went down considerably by 15 per cent
compared to 2019, thefts went down by 19 per cent, and car
thefts by 13 per cent.

Telephone frauds went down by 77 per cent. The most phone
defraudsters were arrested in the northern towns of Vetovo,
Gorna Oryahovitsa, Levski and Pavlikeni. The number of murders
went down by a half. A total of 508 minors were detained for
drug distribution.

The number of road accidents went down by 1,021 compared to the
previous year, and the number of fatalities dropped, too.

The State collected 116 million leva in fines for traffic
violations, and the Prosecution Service worked on 279 cases of
financial crime. RI/MT

Source: Sofia