Supreme Judicial Council Suspends Courts' Single Information System

ВСС - съдии – обръщение
Photo: БТА

September 16 (BTA) - After a six-hour discussion on Wednesday, the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) suspended the operation of the courts' new single information system for the period between September 18 and December 10. During that time the flaws will have to be rectified.

The software will continue to be used for previously instituted cases, while new cases will be handled through the older systems.

Earlier in the day, judges from the Sofia Regional Court gathered in front of the SJC building to complain about numerous drawbacks of the software, saying that it is clumsy and complicated, requiring many clicks for simple tasks and an e-signature at every step. The problems were set forth in an address to all judges and court clerks, the SJC, the Supreme Bar Council and all lawyers, the Justice Minister and the head of the Managing Authority of Operational Programme Good Governance.

It emerged later on that Justice Minister Desislava Ahladova accepted a proposal for the new case management system to be introduced and promptly suspended from operation until the flaws are removed. SJC representative member Boyan Magdalinchev said the problems were already being addressed, adding that he was ready to meet every judge who had difficulties working with the system. RY/DD


Source: Sofia