No New Measures Will Be Imposed, Says Health Minister after 204 New COVID-19 Cases and 16 Deaths Reported

August 4 (BTA) - There were 204 new confirmed COVID-19 cases out of 4,137 tests and 16 deaths in one day, according to data published on the national coronavirus information portal on Tuesday morning. The death toll in Bulgaria since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 404.

Later in the day, after a meeting with representatives of the expert councils on epidemiology, microbiology, infectious diseases and virology, Health Minister Kostadin Angelov said that at the moment there is no need to introduce additional restrictive measures in Bulgaria.

There is currently no significant pressure on the hospital system and there is a clear plan what to do if pressure increases. Angelov added that the number of new cases is declining, although there is an increase in the share of patients in the 15-29 age group.

At the moment in Bulgaria there are 712 medics infected with coronavirus, which is 5.85 per cent of all registered infections. There are a total of 5,071 active cases, 43 of which are in intensive care, while 264 patients have recovered.

The most new cases were reported in Sofia (51) and in the coastal city of Varna (42). Ten new cases of infected medical staff were reported between Monday and Tuesday.

If there are more than 350 newly infected per day, there is a readiness to open more than 8,000 beds for treatment, of which 1,108 for respiratory resuscitation, and the rest - for conservative treatment.

Currently the national warehouse has a three-month supply of surgical masks, a seven-month supply of specialized masks, a three-month supply of disposable overalls, a month-and-a-half supply of gloves, a six-month supply of protective helmets, a four-month supply of alcohol and a three-month supply of disinfectants. The surgical overshoes and gloves supply is lowest, but the Ministry of Health is making efforts to procure them.

There are also not enough anesthesiologists and resuscitators in Bulgaria. Minister Angelov said that an analysis is being carried out by district in order to identify needs. At the end of the year, a map of the needs of doctors and healthcare professionals will be presented in order to assess where to direct the funds under European programmes.RY,RI/MT,DT


Source: Sofia