Economy Ministry Opens Hotline in Response to Reported Bribery

Sofia, July 31 (BTA) - The Economy Ministry is opening a hotline
 where corruption can be reported, said here in Parliament on
Friday Economy Minister Lachezar Borisov.

The hotline is being launched in response to reported
solicitation of bribes for EU-funded business projects. Minister
 Borisov noted that his Ministry's inspectorate is starting a
probe into the bribery alert.

He said that the new economic measures, aimed at overcoming the
economic crisis stemming from COVID-19, are worth 1.8 billion
leva, explaining that the minimum sum of a single project varies
 between 3,000 leva and 10,000 leva. He said that the reported
bribe, described as "a success fee", varies between 40 and 60
per cent of the project's value, which is unacceptable.

Minister Borisov said that the State Agency for National
Security has been alerted about the case.

The Economy Minister was adamant that this corrupt practice will
 be severed, adding that he has already discussed the matter
with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

Minister Borisov said that after the hearing in Parliament he
had the opportunity to speak with many MPs, who have reported
that many applicants have been asked to pay a bribe, without
clarifying whether the solicitor was a consultant or an employee
 of the Economy Ministry.

"We made a decision, by order of the Prime Minister, for the
Economy Ministry's team to create a platform with documents
filled out online, so that the businesses wishing to apply can
see sample documents," Minister Borisov said.

The Economy Minister explained that representatives of employer
organizations will be included in his Ministry's inspectorate.
"We want to sever this connection node between experts,
consultants who ask for such "success fees"," he said.

Minister Borisov said that measures for enhancing the control
over existing EU-funded projects will be presented within a few

The hotline is +359 2 940 74 21. Alerts can be also e-mailed to RY/MY

Source: Sofia