Major Intersections in Sofia Remain Blocked by Protestors on 23rd Day of Protest against Corruption and Government

July 31 (BTA) - Traffic in Sofia remains disturbed by anti-government protestors Friday as their protest goes into its 23rd day. For a third day, a tent camp stands at Eagles' Bridge on one of Sofia's major thoroughfare, which has become something of a symbol of anti-government discontent over the years, and the protestors would not budge when local government representatives tried to talk them into clearing the way for public transport.

The protests have been mostly praceful except for occasional clashes between police and what looked like provocateurs on some days. In a Friday morning incident which got much media coverage, a protestor poured water on a woman who was angry about the inconviniences the protest was causing, and she hit him with a walking stick. Both were taken to the police precinct.

Police said they have a pile of complaints by people, including disabled people, about the traffic disturbances.

The protestors are adamant that they will remain in place until the government and prosecutor generel resign.

The protests erupted on July 9, bringing to the street people of various political affiliations or none at all. They vent their resentment against corruption, against a prosecution service which, they say, selectively targets suspected offenders and ignores others, and against a government which has tolerated the setting up of a deep state. Spearheading the drive, President Rumen Radev called for "kicking the mafia out of the prosecution service". RI/LN///

Source: Sofia