Government Won't Resign, Cabinet Will Be Reshuffled after No-confidence Vote

July 16 (BTA) - The ruling coalition will serve out its
term and general elections will take place in the spring of
2021, NFSB leader and Deputy Parliament Speaker Valeri Simeonov
told a news briefing Thursday at the Council of Ministers. He
was speaking after a council of the ruling coalition between
GERB and the United Patriots. The ruling coalition will
concentrate on defeating the vote of no-confidence tabled by the
 socialist opposition and the cabinet will be reshuffled
afterwards, it emerged from his statement.

The no-confidence vote will be defeated and there will be
changes in the cabinet, said Deputy Prime Minister and Defence
Minister Krassimir Karakachanov.

"Bulgaria is a rule of law state and we observe the rules. I
have the resignations of three ministers. They have huge support
 and each one has done a lot for the country," said Prime
Minister and GERB leader Boyko Borissov.

On Wednesday evening, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov,
Interior Minister Mladen Marinov and Economy Minister Emil
Karanikolov tendered their resignations because of their alleged
 association with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and its
deputy Delyan Peevski.

Borissov went on the say that the Bulgarian Socialist Party is
scraping the barrel with the motives for the no-confidence vote
and it is grotesque that it may seek a no-confidence vote.

The Prime Minister warned that very difficult months lie ahead
and that no single party or coalition can take the country
through 'this stormy sea'. Borissov said that the nation should
be consolidated.

Borissov also dismissed the idea about a caretaker government as
 the president has someone else naming the ministers.

"We have the support of all big EU states and of the US as only
days ago they voted for Bulgaria to join the euro waiting room
and the EU banking union," he said.

"If they care about the state, the opposition parties should say
 how to go through the looming economic and health crisis," said
 Borissov. RY/PP


Source: Sofia