Ten New COVID-19 Cases in Past 24 Hours

Sofia, May 26 (BTA) - There are ten new confirmed coronavirus
cases in the past 24 hours, Chief Health Inspector Angel Kunchev
 told a briefing on Tuesday morning. The total number of
confirmed COVID-19 infections is 2,443. At 253, there are no new
 cases among medical staff.

Some 880 patients have recovered and there are no fatalities.

Hydroxychloroquine which is used for the treatment of COVID-19
is prescribed only under medical observation in hospitals, said
Kunchev in response to reports about serious side effects of the
 drug. The medicine is used in a large number of countries.
Kunchev said that the authorities have been assessing carefully
all data.

Kunchev said that under extreme pressure the weaknesses and
strengths of the health system become visible such as buildings,
 personnel and training. From now on university programmes will
be expanded to incorporate more virology, epidemiology,
infectious diseases and microbiology knowledge.

Kunchev said that an assessment of the real disease rates and
medical activities of hospitals will give an accurate picture as
 to which hospitals are the backbone of healthcare in Bulgaria.

The Chief Health Inspector said that Bulgarian, Italian and
Spanish researchers are developing a thermometer which measures
the temperature of exhaled air as the first sign of
complications development. NV/PP

Source: Sofia