Defence Minister: Coronavirus Economic Crisis Will Not Affect Budget for Armed Forces' Modernization

Teteven, North Central Bulgaria, May 25 (BTA) - Defence Minister
 Krassimir Karakachanov said the economic crisis caused by the
coronavirus would not affect the budget for the armed forces'
modernization. He was talking about the purchase of two
multi-role patrol ships for the Navy, the upgrade of T-72 tanks
and the planned repairs of some of the missile systems.

Negotiations with contractors could not be held for two and a
half months, which has delayed work on the projects, said the
Defence Minister.

Karakachanov presented the new shoulder boards to service people
 from the Georgi Benkovski Higher Air Force School on Monday.

There is no official decision on expenditure cuts due to the
expected decrease in budget revenues. Parliament updated the
State budget to make possible borrowing of up to 10 billion
leva. In addition, the 2020 State Budget Act was revised to
provide financing for the government's 60/40 job retention
programme. NV/DD

Source: Teteven, North Central Bulgaria