2,427 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bulgaria

Sofia, May 24 (BTA) - The number of COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria
reached 2,427 after 19 new infections were confirmed over the
last 24 hours, Prof. Todor Kantardjiev, Director of the National
 Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, told a regular
news briefing here on Sunday morning.

Thirty-two patients have recovered, bringing the total to 840.
For a sixth day in a row, the recovered patients have been
outnumbering the newly infected ones.

Four patients died on Saturday, and the death toll now totals

Over the last week, the effective reproduction rate has been
fluctuating around 1, Prof. Kantardjiev said, explaining that
this refers to the number of people an infected individual could
 pass the virus to. If the R number falls under 1, it will be an
 indication that the epidemic is receding.

The doubling time of confirmed cases now stands at 35 days and
keeps increasing, which shows that the pace of infection is
slowing down.

Newly detected infections tend to get slightly fewer, but
precautions must nevertheless be observed, Prof. Kantardjiev
said. NV/LG

Source: Sofia