Kindergartens and Nurseries to Open on May 22

May 19 (BTA) - Kindergartens and nurseries will open on Friday, Health Minister Kiril Ananiev told a briefing at the Council of Ministers. On Tuesday, Minister Ananiev issued an order according to which, kindergartens and nurseries can open on May 22 in strict compliance with anti-epidemic measures and ensuring a safe environment for children.

It is envisaged that the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health will approve measures for organizing the establishments' activities. There is also a text assigning mayors to create conditions for opening kindergartens and nurseries depending on the specifics of the municipality.

"There will be significant medical control. Each child's temperature will be measured before they enter,'' assured Minister Ananiev. Parents will have to sign a declaration of informed consent and shared responsibility declaring that they are aware of all measures in the kindergarten and that the child enters the establishment at their request. Physical distance between staff and parents will be required to prevent any infection, Ananiev explained.

Children will not be admitted if they have any health issues.

Nearly a thousand people from the staff of kindergartens and nurseries will be tested for COVID-19, on a sample basis in order to follow the trend of coronavirus incidence, said Ananiev.

In case of possible infection, only the affected group will be quarantined if the building of the kindergarten or nursery allows it, said at the briefing Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kounchev. If the building is small, children will not be allowed back for a 14-day period. ''We are not worried so much about the children, as about the staff and the possibility that the children spread the infection in their homes,'' Kounchev added.

Municipalities must decide between May 22 and June 1 when they will open kindergartens and nurseries. ''We expect most of the kindergartens to open next week,'' said at the briefing Education Minister Krassimir Valchev.

''It is very important to appeal to parents that if they can, they should keep their children at home,'' Valchev urged. Kindergarten attendance will not be mandatory and will not be linked to family and child benefits, the Education Minister explained. RY/DT


Source: Sofia