2,211 COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Bulgaria

May 17 (BTA) - The confirmed cases of coronavirus in
Bulgaria are 2211, summed up at a briefing on Sunday morning
Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, Director of the National Centre for
Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and a member of the National
Coronavirus Taskforce.

There are 36 new cases registered in the past day. A total of
240 medical staff members are infected.

Nearly 600 people have been cured. There have been three deaths
in the past 24 hours, thus making the total death toll 108 .

"With the flu, one person infects at most two others. With
COVID-19, one patient infects up to three people. When this
reproductive number falls below 1, the epidemic is considered to
 be under control. In the past few weeks the number in Bulgaria
has been close to 1, while in the first weeks of it was 1.7,"
explained Kantardzhiev and pointed out that just a little more
societal effort is needed so that ''we can see the light in the
tunnel of this epidemic".

He added that in the Gabrovo villages of Kramolin, Lovni dol and
 Sabotkovtsi, an outbreak of Q fever has been discovered. The
disease has developed among veterinarians and staff at three
animal farms. RY/DT


Source: Sofia