President Radev: Most Important Resource in Coping with Any Crisis Is Trust in Institutions That Manage It

May 15 (BTA) - Speaking during an expert discussion on the social and economic dimensions of the COVID-19 crisis in light of Europe's and Bulgaria's experience held here on Friday under his auspices, President Rumen Radev said that the most important resource in coping with any crisis is the trust in the institutions that manage it. Radev said that a government enjoys trust when it passes decisions in the interest of the people by itself, and not under public pressure or on advice of PR experts. Furthermore, there is trust when resources are spent transparently and are reported to the public.

The President went on to say that the absence of adequate measures creates an even greater problem than restarting suspended productions and services, namely, exacerbation of poverty and inequality, "in respect of which this country is the European champion anyway". Radev warned that if this tendency is not contained, Bulgaria risks experiencing deep public disparities, degradation and growing crime. RY/ZH

Source: Sofia