PM Allows 12-Graders to Meet in School for Traditional Send-Off

May 13 (BTA) - Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has allowed 12-graders to meet in their schools for a traditional send-off and has asked the Ministries of Education and Health to prepare a health protocol to make sure it does not create a COVID risk. This transpired from a press release of the government press office after the Prime Minister met with a committee of 12-graders.

Schools have been closed since March as part of the general coronavirus lockdown and are not going to reopen until September, except for the exams for 7-graders and 12-graders. Last-year students are not going to have prom and were not supposed to have the traditional send-off in which they meet one last time in the school yard.

Disappointed 12-graders wrote to the Prime Minister to change that and told him their wish is "to meet in their school, count to 12 - the number of years they spent in school - and send off with respect the past years". They also wrote that they accept the situation as mature and responsible people, and understand that they will have their prom "when the situation allows".

Having met with two of the letter's authors on Wednesday, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministers of Health and of Education to prepare a health protocol the soonest possible to make this send-off possible. The head of the national coronavirus task force and the Finance Minister also attended the meeting, said the government press office. LN/RI/


Source: Sofia