Visits to Parks, Gardens Allowed under Certain Conditions

Sofia, April 26 (BTA) - Visits to parks and gardens is now
allowed under certain conditions, the Health Ministry said
Sunday. Health Minister Kiril Ananiev has issued an order that
lifts the current ban on such visits.

Parks and gardens will be open daily from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm for
 pregnant women and children aged under 12 who are accompanied
by up to two parents or family members, and before 9:30 am and
after 6:30 pm for dog owners and individuals practicing sports.
Visitors must strictly observe the anti-epidemic measures: they
must wear protective masks, observe a physical distance of 2.5
meters from others, enter and exit the park or garden through
the specified entry and exit points, and follow the specified
routes while inside.

Alcohol consumption in the parks and gardens is prohibited. It
is also not allowed to sit on benches and on the grass, because
that involves contact with surfaces that could be contaminated.
The use of playgrounds and sports grounds in outdoor and indoor
public spaces remains prohibited. Visitors should follow all
anti-epidemic instructions given by the police officers and
volunteers on site.

Also on Sunday, Minister Ananiev issued an order lifting the
temporary ban on assisted reproduction activities, the Health
Ministry reported. All medical treatment facilities carrying out
 such activities must strictly observe the anti-epidemic
measures in force. They will be subject to strict control by the
 Medical Supervision Executive Agency and the regional health

Source: Sofia