1,171 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Bulgaria

April 24 (BTA) - The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria has reached 1,171, informed national coronavirus task force head Gen. Moutafchiiski at the regular morning briefing.

There are 90 new cases for the last 24 hours, which is an 8.3 per cent increase from yesterday.

There are 10 new cases of infected children, and 34 new cases of infected medics, bringing the total of confirmed cases among hospital staff to 129, or 11 per cent of all confirmed cases in Bulgaria.

So far, 193 people have been cured, or 16.5 per cent of the cases. The death toll is 52 people, or 4.4 per cent of the cases.

Asked if he would advise the government against loosening the measures, Gen. Moutafchiiski said that the task force informs the government of the latest developments daily, and it is plain to see that the situation is worsening. RY/MT


Source: Sofia