Restrictions in Fight against COVID-19 Extended by Two Weeks until April 12

Restrictions in Fight against COVID-19 Extended by Two Weeks until April 12

March 26 (BTA) - The restrictive measures put in place against the spread of the coronavirus in Bulgaria are extended by two weeks until April 12 including, according to an order to this effect issued by Health Minister Kiril Ananiev on Thursday, Ananiev's Ministry said.

The measures include: ban on going to restaurants, bars, entertainment establishments, gambling outlets, sport facilities including gyms. Restaurants can only do deliveries but in compliance with strict sanitary requierments. Cultural and sport events are banned.

Shopping centres are closed with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies and offices of banks and insurance companies in them. All other stores outside shopping malls can work but with strict measures for disinfection and physical distancing between customers.

Universities, schools, kindergartens and nurseries are closed.

More than two elderly people cannot gather together in outdoor and indoor public spaces. Owners of retail outlets are to organize their work so as not allow more than two people over 60 years inside. The 8.30 am - 10.30 am band for elderly people shopping remains.

All people waiting in lines should be 2 m a part.

All employers should set up remote work as extensively as possible, and where such is impossible, ensure proper disinfection, instructions for personal hygiene and banning sick workers from coming to work.

Traffic to and from regional centres is banned, save in concrete urgent reasons (work, medical care, returning home).

Visits to parks, playgrounds and sports facilities are banned. Dog walking is allowed, under certain conditions. RI/ZH