201 COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Bulgaria

ВМА – пресконференция – коронавирус
Photo: БТА

Sofia, March 23 (BTA) - A total of 201 COVID-19 cases have been
confirmed in Bulgaria, said here on Monday afternoon
Major-General Prof. Ventsislav Moutafchiiski MD, who heads the
national coronavirus task force. Of the eleven newly registered
cases, one is in the western town of Doupnitsa, two in the
southern town of Pazardzhik, and seven are children in Sofia. A
total of 36 people are currently hospitalized, two of whom are
in critical condition and are currently in Sofia's Pirogov
emergency hospital.

Moutafchiiski said that he will ask the Health Minister to issue
 an order so that each and every hospital, regardless of its
ownership status, designates intensive care units for
coronavirus patients within three days. This comes in response
to the increased number COVID-19 patients, which are exhausting
Sofia's Military Medical Academy's and Pirogov's capacity, he
explained, adding that this move has long been considered. There
 are halls in every major city that can be fully equipped within
 a day's time. There are over 15,000 beds in stock. Preparatory
instructions like the one that took place in Sofia, will be
organized in other major cities, such as Rousse, Varna and
Plovdiv. Medical teams are undergoing instructions to increase
the number of laboratories doing COVID-19 tests.

The Bulgarian Energy Holding has donated 200,000 leva to Sofia's
 Alexandrovska Hospital in response to the coronavirus epidemic.
 Another 200,000 leva have been donated by the Bulgarian
Development Bank, Moutafchiiski said. He recalled that all who
wish to donate can do so by wiring their donations to the
account set up by the Health Ministry for this purpose
[Donations can be made at: IBAN: BG91BNBG96613300129302; BIC:
BNBGBGSD].  GERB's Parliamentary Group are donating 100,000 leva
 to the effort to curb the coronavirus, the party said in a
press release. The sum comes from all GERB MPs monthly wages.
The funds will be wired to the Health Ministry's account.

Earlier on Monday, Moutafchiiski said there are no statistical
data showing that a certain blood type is more susceptible to
contracting the virus. According to him, such a correlation will
 probably be established after the epidemic has passed.

Over the last two weeks, some 200,000 Bulgarians have returned
from abroad. In the last 24 hours alone, some 15,000 have
entered this country by air, and 8,000 by land, Moutafchiiski
pointed out.

The authorities are checking for open cafes and restaurants.
Moutafchiiski reminded the public that residents can alert the
police if they see a cafe or restaurant open despite the ban.

In view of this, the prosecuting magistracy said they have
initiated over 120 pre-trial proceedings in response to
quarantine violations. NV/MT, MY

Source: Sofia