President Radev: Prime Minister Borissov Uses Services for His Political Purposes

President Radev: Prime Minister Borissov Uses Services for His Political Purposes

Sofia, February 17 (BTA) - Taking a question on Monday,
President Rumen Radev told journalists that Prime Minister Boyko
 Borissov is using the services for his own political purposes.
In Radev's words, Borissov instructs the prosecution service who
 to crush and even the police have been put to work on
instilling respect among disagreeing Bulgarians. He was
commenting on wiretaps that the prosecuting magistracy made
public on January 28 implicating Radev in criminal conspiracy.

The head of State also commented that the Prime Minister is
trying to transfer the responsibility for this wiretapping on
someone else, "just like Borissov always does".

Commenting on a recent statement by Borissov, in which the Prime
 Minister expresses the hope that the Radev family stays in
power longer so that people can see all that matters to them is
their own self-regard, Radev told journalists that this attack
against his family shows Borissov's impotence. "Unfortunately,
despite his twenty years in power, the Prime Minister's methods
reveal his life back in the early years of the transition period
 [to democracy], and if someone should be afraid of remaining in
 power, that is Mr Borissov himself," Radev argued.

"The scandals, the crises, the big corruption disclosures, the
growing discontent reveal daily his governance's impotence and
dependencies. But Mr Borissov's drama is that he realizes the
fact that this time a clean-up through a resignation will
probably not do the trick, because what awaits him is a
caretaker government, which is no less dangerous than the daily
degradation of his governance," Radev said. This fully explains
the Prime Minister's growing nervousness, the President added.


Source: Sofia