Bulgarian Trade Unions Declare Readiness to Protests against European Green Deal

February 14 (BTA) - The Confederation of Independent
Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) and the Podkrepa Confederation
of Labour declared readiness to start a series of protests
against the so called European Green Deal, the two trade unions'
 presidents, Plamen Dimitrov and Dimiter Manolov, told a Friday
news conference here at CITUB's headquarters. The trade unions
are not against making the economy greener, but not with this
intensity and time span.

Bulgaria must not support the stated intention to reduce CO2
emissions by 55 per cent by 2030, compared with the 1990 levels,
 CITUB's President Plamen Dimitrov said. According to him, if
this is adopted almost all sectors of the economy will be
subjected to additional restrictions. The so called Green Deal
is a good intention, but is impossible to carry out, mostly
because of the set time span and intensity, he explained.

The two trade unions demand that the Government creates a
standing body to assess the deal's impact on all sectors of the
economy. According to CITUB and Podkrepa, there should be
derogations in place that would ensure no TPPs are
decommissioned until at least 2030, Dimitrov added.

Podkrepa's President Manolov recalled that in recent months,
from a net exporter, Bulgaria has turned into a net importer of
electricity. There is a shortage in production, but this is
becoming a lasting trend, Manolov noted. RY/MY


Source: Sofia