Sofia City Council Green Lights Water Transmission to Pernik

January 28 (BTA) - The Sofia City Council on Tuesday voted to provide additional water supply to the southwestern city of Pernik through the capital's water network.

All 56 councilors from the different political parties attending the meeting voted in favour of the decision, only Volen Siderov of Ataka abstained.

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova later expressed satisfaction that the council voted nearly unanimously on such an important matter. She also said that there are guarantees that the water supply to Pernik will be stopped at the slightest sign of danger for Sofia's water supply.

All investment costs for the new pipeline will be covered by the state, Fandakova underscored.

The decision paves the way for a definitive solution to the city's water supply problem which for weeks has been in the focus of public attention expert discussions, public protests and a no-confidence vote in Parliament.

As a solution to ease drinking water rationing in Pernik, water will be supplied to the western city from the Belmeken Dam in Mt Rila using the infrastructure of Sofia's water utility./RY/BR


Source: Sofia