Bulgarian Arms Export Control Commission Issued 887 Permits Worth EUR 1.44 Bln in 2018

Bulgarian Arms Export Control Commission Issued 887 Permits Worth EUR 1.44 Bln in 2018

January 17 (BTA) - The Interministerial Commission for
Export Control and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass
Destruction with the Minister of Economy issued 887 export
licenses for defence-related products (DRPs) in 2018, which were
 worth 1, 44 billion euro. Most of these exports were to Saudi
Arabia, India, Afghanistan, USA, Turkey and Algeria, according
to a report by the Commission, which was approved by the
National Assembly on Friday.

The purpose of the report is to provide detailed information
related to Bulgaria's policy on the export control for
defense-related products and dual-use items and technologies.

In 2018, export and transfer of DRPs from Bulgaria amounted to
766 million euro. A total of 363 licenses/certificates for
import and transfer of DRPs trough the territory of the country
from Serbia, Germany and the USA were issued, worth a total of
412 million euro. The total value of DRP import and transfer
realized on the territory of this country was 177 million euro,
the largest part of which came from Serbia, Romania and

The Minister of Economy issued 8 certificates for registration
of export and transfer of dual-use items and technologies and
one certificate for the right to engage int brokerage activities
 with them, for which a public register is maintained.

In 2018, within this product group, exports and transfers
totaling over 7.3 million euro were realized, including exports
and export licenses issued in 2017 in this direction.

In 2018, 27 individual export licenses were issued for a total
value of 23.8 million euro. 12 of these remained unused. The
total value of export deals effected by individual export
licenses was over 6.4 million euro.

In 2018, a permit was issued for drilling activities in the
Black Sea economic zone of Bulgaria.

The report notes that in the past year, an individual permit was
 issued for the transfer of dual-use items and technologies
worth 1 million euro. The value of the transfer of dual-use
items and technologies is close to 900,000 euro. The report
states that 72 certificates for the import of dual-use items and
 technologies have been issued, worth nearly 75 million euro,
with a total value of imports exceeding 112 million euro
(including 6 certificates for imports issued in 2017). IS/DT


Source: Sofia