PM Borissov Speaks at Climate Conference in Madrid

ESD 17:37:01 02-12-2019

PM Borissov Speaks
at Climate Conference
in Madrid

Madrid, December 2 (BTA) - Prime Minister Boyko Borissov attended the 25th Climate Change Conference in Madrid where he stated that countries like Bulgaria, Poland and others that rely more heavily on coal in their energy production, will require higher levels of investment and active social measures, the Government Information Service reported on Monday.

Borissov informed the leaders attending the international forum that 46 per cent of the electricity in Bulgaria is produced from coal, reaching over 60 per cent in the winter. He added that at the same time, according to Eurostat, Bulgaria ranks second in the EU in decreasing its carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, with a drop of 8.1 per cent from last year, following only Portugal with 9 per cent.

The Prime Minister stressed that in Bulgaria nuclear energy plays a vital role in guaranteeing the national, regional and European energy security while at the same time it comes at affordable prices and is a key factor in Bulgaria's transition to a low-carbon economy. According to Borissov, nuclear energy is a main pillar of European energy production, as proven by the 2018 EU long term plan for cutting down greenhouse emissions by 2050. Borissov expressed his certainty that Bulgaria will continue to rely on nuclear energy over the years to come.

Borissov also pointed out that the EU is merely responsible for 9 per cent of global emissions, while the biggest polluters - China and the USA - are not present at the conference. He said that the EU is indeed cutting down its emissions, and that the health and quality of life of all people should always come first.

The Bulgarian PM said that it doesn't matter if chimneys are smoking in the US, China or Vietnam, as we all share the same atmosphere. He appealed for uniting efforts to convince those economically powerful states to take into consideration the serious threat that climate change represents. RI/MT

Source: Madrid