Bulgarian Foundation Aims to Cut Down Food Waste

November 19 (BTA) - A newly-set up foundation, called "Mate Kitchen", is aiming to prevent food waste in Bulgaria. On the occasion of Food Industry Day, the organization urged people to "Sit Down Together" and stop discarding consumable food, its representatives told BTA.

The foundation was symbolically founded on September 17, the day on which the Orthodox church commemorates the Holy Martyrs Sofia [meaning "wisdom"] and her three daughters Faith, Hope and Love, and the holiday of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. The project was conseptualized by a group of friends who came together while working at the Mate Bulgaria communication studio.

The Mate Kitchen team has created a culinary video recipe platform www.matekitchen.com, in order to keep people informed and publicize the problem of food waste. The platform also offers a dedicated section with helpful tips for proper food storage, prudent market planning, budgeting and storage of resources, as well as ideas for preparing so-called residual food.

The purpose of the foundation is to redirect the resources of those who are in surplus to those who are in need. Donating food and purchasing compostable food waste bins are the next steps the organization will focus on.

The team points out that pensioners are the ones most in need the of help. "We don't want them to look for us. We know where they are - in the countryside and we will start visiting them very soon," the foundation added.

The project's goal is to change people's attitudes towards throwing usable food away. The foundation is currently self-sustaining and in negotiations for different types of partnerships with institutions, businesses and organizations. Donations are also accepted. The foundation's funding will be reported publicly, as required by Bulgarian law for all nonprofit organizations, the organization noted.

"We have a cause and we will take all opportunities to fulfill it. Anyone that wants to help us is welcome," Mate Kitchen urged.

Source: Sofia