VMRO Names Angel Djambazki Mayoral Candidate for Sofia

ESD 17:37:01 21-09-2019

VMRO Names
Angel Djambazki
Mayoral Candidate for Sofia

Sofia, September 21 (BTA) - Angel Djambazki is VMRO's mayoral candidate for Sofia. In a statement on Saturday, the party's leader, Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov, said Djambazki is a strong candidate with a considerable experience as a municipal councillor.

Djambazki said: "Sofia needs a serious and responsible attitude." He added that the party's political goal is to win the capital's mayoral seat and get several borough mayors elected.

VMRO will present a detailed four-year programme next Saturday along with the list of candidates for municipal councillors.

Djambazki also said that if elected, his first order would be for the demolition of the "illegal Gypsy ghettos". He called the Sofia ghettos "miasmas" which should be removed.

The VMRO candidate said the Sofia residents who consider themselves patriots deserve to be represented. He was referring to "the people in Sofia who do not want ghettos, camps and carts, because no failure can be worse than failing to stop a horse-drawn cart from driving in central Sofia - those are the people whose trust we need". He added: "This is our fight and we are fighting it."

Regarding the possibility that Ataka leader Volen Siderov may run for mayor, Karakachanov said his attitude towards him has long been known. "We are talking about the campaign for mayor of Sofia, not Moscow. The campaign for Moscow mayor is a different thing," he said, referring to Ataka's pro-Russian positions.

Ataka and VMRO, along with the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, were partners in the power-sharing United Patriots coalition. However, Ataka left the coalition late this summer following a continued rift between Siderov and the other two parties. LN/DD

Source: Sofia