President Radev Takes Swipe at Prime Minister Borissov


President Radev
Takes Swipe
at Prime Minister Borissov

August 24 (BTA) - "Mt Shipka is not the place to comment on the insinuations of the Prime Minister because here is resurrected Bulgaria which his government has dragged to the bottom in Europe," said President Rumen Radev on Saturday. He spoke after he attended the observances of the 142nd anniversary of the battle on Mt Shipka in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878). The head of State was approached to comment on Borissov's allegations about why Gen. Dyako Dyakov had stepped down as head of the National Service for Protection. Borissov hypothesized that Dyakov quit his post over "the huge scandals in the presidency". Borissov spoke on Friday during a visit to Krumovgrad.

"It is the government which is plagued by scandals. They are many and disastrous," added Radev.

Asked whether he would seek consultations on the appointment of the new head of the counter-corruption commission after the previous one was given a diplomatic post, Radev recalled that Prime Minister Borissov is single-handedly responsible for Plamen Georgiev's appointment as consul. "You should ask him about his political and personal motives and about how they correspond with the interests of the Bulgarian diplomacy and the Bulgarians abroad as well as what has forced the Prime Minister to hide Georgiev so far away," added Radev. IG/PP


Source: Mt. Shipka