Prime Ministers Borissov of Bulgaria, Medvedev of Russia Confer at Economic Forum in Turkmenistan

August 12 (BTA) -  Bulgarian Prime Minister
 Boyko Borissov conferred here on Monday with Russian Prime
Minister Dmitry Medvedev within the framework of the First
Caspian Economic Forum, the Government Information Service said.

Borissov stressed the importance of top-level dialogue and
expressed satisfaction that the discussion on pragmatic and
mutually advantageous cooperation now continues after Medvedev's
 official visit to Bulgaria in March.

The Bulgarian head of government stressed his country's interest
 in engaging in a mutually beneficial bilateral political
dialogue with Russia on equal footing, in which Bulgaria is
guided by its national interests while, at the same time,
adhering to the common policy of the EU and NATO Member States.

Borissov pointed out that Bulgaria is willing to pursue
cooperation with Russia in matters of priority importance for
Bulgaria in the economy, energy, tourism, transport, education,
science, culture and social policy.

Energy figured high on the two prime ministers' agenda. Borissov
 noted that Bulgaria pursues a policy seeking to ensure energy
security for both Bulgaria and the EU. He emphasized that
diversification is an important element of ensuring the security
 of gas supplies in the EU and added that Bulgaria is actively
working on gas interconnector projects with the neighbouring
countries. He drew special attention to the Bulgarian
Government's hard work for the implementation of the Balkan Gas
Distribution Centre project.

The possibility of implementing the Belene N-Plant project under
 the conditions set by the Bulgarian side was also discussed at
the meeting. August 19 is the closing date for the submission of
 applications for entry in the strategic investor selection
procedure for the project. Borissov noted the need of capacities
 in the region to generate clean and affordable electricity,
considering the ever more ambitions targets for a reduction of
harmful emissions in all economic sectors. In this sense, Belene
 can provide precisely such source of electricity for the

On transport cooperation, Borissov said that Bulgaria is
interested in exploring opportunities for the launch of
passenger Ro-Ro ferry links between Bourgas in Bulgaria and Port
 Kavkaz and Novorossiysk in Russia.

Borissov expressed satisfaction with the recent 16th Session of
the Bulgarian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic,
 Scientific and Technological Cooperation and expects the
Commission to hold its next session shortly and contribute
further to the advancement of bilateral relations.

For his part, Medvedev suggested to Borissov to explore
opportunities opening up to Russia and Bulgaria and try "to
complement the Black Sea and the Caspian dimension, especially
if this earns dividends for the States and peoples in our
countries," the TASS Russian News Agency reported.

"This region has an enormous potential, and Bulgaria is located
on the opposite side of the Black Sea and is a sort of gateway
to the European continent. We usually discuss the subject of
gas, but we must be aware that trade relations, rail transport,
road connectivity, maritime transport, the hubs existing in both
 Bulgaria and Russia and to the north of that region open up
enormous opportunities," Borissov told his Russian counterpart
according to TASS. "The Black Sea must remain a sea of commerce,
 tourism and transport links involving ferries, yachts and gas
pipelines," he added. RY/LG


Source: Avaza, Turkmenistan