Ivan Geshev Remains Only Candidate for New Prosecutor General


Ivan Geshev Remains
Only Candidate for
New Prosecutor General

Sofia, July 29 (BTA) - At Monday's plenum of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), Justice Minister Danail Kirilov did not nominate a candidate for new prosecutor general. This was the last JSC meeting where the Justice Minister could make a nomination. This leaves Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev the only candidate for the position.

Geshev was nominated for prosecutor general by the SJC Prosecutors Chamber on July 22. He received the support of all eleven members of the Chamber, including that of Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov, whose term expires in January 2020.

Kirilov explained that he considers Geshev's nomination as one of the professional circles. In his words, even if there were another nominee, the maximum support they would receive would be within the 14 votes of the SJC members. "That would result in no election, no result of the election procedure. It would also mean the creation of a precondition for confrontation between the two chambers of the SJC, which I believe is absolutely undesirable and should not be allowed in any way and for any reason," the Minister said during the sitting.

He added he could not accept the only other proposal made - for the nomination of investigator Boyko Atanassov - because of its failure to meet the legal requirements.

It transpired last week that the BOEC movement (a non-governmental organization which focuses on judicial independence and counter-corruption) has launched a petition in support of nominating Atanassov for new prosecutor general.

Later on Monday, Geshev was asked by journalists what had changed his initial position to not be a candidate for new prosecutor general. "I have been supported by the professional community. This is evident. I have been supported not so much by the SJC Prosecutors Chamber as by the whole professional community. This is huge trust that I am obliged to justify," he replied. "I am not one to run from responsibility or trust, nor am I one to run from battles or from expressing one's personal opinion. I do not fear the consequences, it is important to tell the truth, you should do what is necessary, come what may," he commented.

Also on Monday, the SJC Prosecutors Chamber unanimously supported the appointment of Dimiter Petrov as head of the Specialized Prosecution Office (SPO). Petrov has been acting head and Deputy Chairman of the SPO.

During the hearing before the Chamber, he said his goal is to fill to 100 per cent the permanent positions for prosecutors, investigators, employees and prosecutorial assistants, as well as to develop the media policy so as to keep society informed and understanding of the prosecuting magistracy's work.



Source: Sofia