PM Borissov Warns of Possible Provocations Before Elections

ESD 17:30:31 19-05-2019

PM Borissov Warns of Possible Provocations
Before Elections, Weber Promises Support
for Bulgaria's Schengen Accession

Sofia, May 19 (BTA) - At the key campaign rally in Sofia Sunday, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov warned GERB members and supporters of possible provocations from their opponents, especially in the days before the May 26 European elections. He said it will likely be similar to what is known as "the Kostinbrod affair" , and called for their particular attention and maximum concentration.

Back in 2013, GERB were accused of preparing to manipulate the elections after 400,000 excess ballots were found in a printing house in the town of Kostinbrod, near Sofia a day ahead of the elections. The chief secretary of the then caretaker government was charged with failing to exercise control on the election logistics but the charges were not proven and he was acquitted. GERB blamed its political opponents for fabricating the scandal in order to undermine its performance in the elections.

In his remarks at the Sunday rally, Borissov accused small Right-wing formations in Bulgaria of destroying the chances for a strong Right wing, thus becoming accessories to the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

He boasted about the growth of export, said that the government's aim is for Bulgarians to have high income, and promised that many new factories will be built in the coming months.

Borissov promised to Manfred Weber, the leading candidate of the European People's Party for President of the European Commission (EC), that Bulgaria will preserve its financial stability, and will continue to protect EU's external border. He noted that Weber used to dislike Bulgaria but is now a strong advocate of this country, and asked the EPP candidate to "not forget this hall" when he becomes President of the European Commission.

"We have a lot of energy to serve out our term and to win the local elections," Borissov commented.

Manfred Weber urged GERB to remind Bulgarian people that in the past five years the voice of this country was heard loud and clear in the European Parliament thanks to the GERB MPs.

He noted that Borissov leads Bulgaria confidently in the front line of Europe's efforts for stronger economy and more prosperity, and added that he believes in the strong national voice as much as in the united voice of all countries.

Weber noted that this country deserves and is ready to become a full member of the Schengen Area and promised it will be one of his priorities to make this happen if he takes the helm of the EC.

Mariya Gabriel, Digital Economy and Society European Commissioner and GERB's leading candidate in the European elections, noted that "today is an important day for confirming the vision of the two formations [GERB and EPP] for a strong Europe and the support for Manfred Weber".

"We work, we make mistakes, but we also quickly fix our mistakes, with dedication and by connecting with people across the country - these are our strengths and we should not lose sight of them," Gabriel noted. LN/TH

Source: Sofia