Bulgaria Signs Contract with Kazakhstan for Transfer of Sentenced Persons

May 13 (BTA) - Bulgarian Justice Minister Danail Kirilov
and Kazakh Prosecutor General Gizat Nurdauletov signed a
contract for the transfer of sentenced persons between the two
countries, the Justice Ministry said Monday.

The contract will allow for persons sentenced to imprisonment to
 serve their term in their country of origin, thus achieving a
more effective reformatory process and social rehabilitation of

The document lists the central bodies, conditions and procedures
 regarding the transfer, including the necessary documents, the
consent of the country imposing a sentence and the one executing
 it, and issues regarding the serving of the sentence in the
given country, amnesty, pardon, etc.

Later in the day, Nurdauletov met with Bulgarian Prosecutor
General Sotir Tsatsarov, the prosecution service said. The two
discussed bilateral cooperation on criminal and legal issues,
trans-border crime and combatting terrorism. RY/TH

Source: Sofia