President Radev Says Dialogue with Government Difficult


President Radev Says
Dialogue with Government

Assenovgrad, South Bulgaria, May 12 (BTA) - Speaking to
journalists here on Sunday, President Rumen Radev said his
dialogue with the Executive is difficult because of the
uncontrolled governance and unpunished corruption. He added,
however, that there are important topics for which agreement is
imperative, giving as an example the efforts to attract a
strategic investor from the automotive sector.

"I invited the German President specifically for the Volkswagen
plant, I had very fruitful discussions with him and his
delegation," the Bulgarian head of State noted. "Two days ago, I
 received a very flattering and promising letter from President
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and all of this is completely in
support of the Bulgarian Government," Radev explained, adding
that he will be the first to support Cabinet when it signs an
agreement with a strategic investor.

President Radev called on the incumbents to start rummaging
through the offshore bank accounts, properties and companies of
politicians using front persons, just like they are rummaging
through garbage containers to look for cigarette packs without
excise stamps, which helps them determine the market share of
illegal cigarettes.
Radev said that if the media once again gets ahead of the
incumbents, the latter will not be able to explain their
idleness. The Prime Minister's real problem, according to Radev,
 is that the uncontrolled governance generates large-scale
corruption, which cannot be dealt with by the media shedding
light on the culprits and resignations.

He recalled his previous statement that the "Apartmentgate"
scandal is only the beginning and a crossroads determining "our
future path". "We cannot build a modern Bulgaria if we leave
things as they were - rampant impunity and lawlessness," the
President said. "There must be revelations, sentences,
confiscation, the return of money. I fully understand that the
Prime Minister is in a very difficult situation, and don't you
think that I want Bulgaria to sink into corruption scandals, to
be a synonym for corruption," he said.

President Radev was in the town of Assenovgrad on the occasion
of its holiday. IG/MY


Source: Assenovgrad