Five Bidders for Sofia Airport Concession

May 9 (BTA) - All five bidders for the concession of Sofia Airport have been allowed to participate in the public
procedure on the opening of their offers, Deputy Minister of Transport and Information Technology Velik Zanchev announced on Thursday. Zanchev also chaired the concession award commission at the Ministry of Transport where the offers were opened.

The five bidders include Vitosha Consortium with leading member Manchester Airport Group Superior Investments Limited; SOF Connect Consortium with leading member Meridiam Eastern Europe Investments SAS; UBB Consortium Sofia Airport JV with leading member BSB Sauerwain & Scheffer Bau AG; Fraport Bulgaria EAD and Airports De Pari Consortium EU. EY and TAV Havalimanlar Holding AH with leading member EU Airports De Pari EU. EY.

The requirements include the building of a new terminal and a new runway by the concessionaire within a period of ten years.

Before the public opening of the bids Transport Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov announced that this is a public-private partnership procedure which is relatively new. He underscored that all documents on the procedure are kept in secure safes under 24-hour surveillance, as well as that this is the first entirely digital procedure. Only the commitments offered by the participants are submitted in hard copy. Those were read by the members of the commission at the moment of opening. /IG/BR


Source: Sofia