Vice President Iotova: EU Is a Model of Bureaucracy

ESD 15:21:31 23-04-2019

Vice President Iotova:
EU Is a
Model of Bureaucracy

Sofia, April 23 (BTA) - Vice President Iliana Iotova said that the European Union has become a model of bureaucracy and lack of vision. "'United in Diversity' was meant to become a model for the entire world but now the EU is a model of
bureaucracy and lack of vision and visionaries, and crises management," she said here on Tuesday in an address at a conference on "Euro-vectors towards USA-China-Russia Geopolitical Triangle," organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Institute of Economics and International Relations.

In Iotova's words, more and more voices are being heard saying that today there is no need of a united Europe and that each country can cope by itself.

Focused on our own countries and Union, Europeans seem to be failing to understand that a number of problems are coming from outside and that foreign policies can help avoid and resolve many domestic crises, the Vice President argued.

According to Iotova, at the forthcoming European Parliament elections Europe will be divided into those who want to continue the European project and those who want it destroyed, rather than into political parties and ideologies.

Regrettably, at this stage the European subject and that of "Europe as a global player" are absent from the public debate in Bulgaria, Iotova also said.

She called for taking EU's relations with Russia out of the dead-end-street they have reached. "Russia is a next-door neighbour for the EU and we need to define clearly our relations with them and take them out of the dead-end-street they have reached. We need to have a debate on the sanctions against Russia and the economic security of our citizens does not allow us to reduce this debate to shallow slogans pursuing suspicios goals." said Iotova.

Describing the global situation, she said the world "seems to be taking a sharp turn without knowing what will happen after that, the speed with which it should be taken or the consequences". RY/BR/LN

Source: Sofia