Criminal Group Dealing in Human Trafficking, Money Laundering Busted in Drenovets Village

April 20 (BTA) - Nine people were
arrested in the village of Drenovets, Northwestern Bulgaria, in
a police operation targeting an organized criminal group dealing
 with human trafficking, money laundering and begging, said
Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev on Saturday at an
impromptu press conference on the site. Dimitar Petrov,
administrative head of the Specialized Prosecutor's Office and
the head of the Vidin Regional Interior Ministry Directorate
Petar Kotsin also took part in the announcement.

Geshev said that the criminal group was involved in human
trafficking, begging and, as some evidence suggests, usury. They
 operated mainly in Sweden, where they sent people to beg. The
competent Swedish authorities have been informed of the
investigation and the next step will be preparing an application
 for legal aid and an European Investigation Order.

Nine people of Roma origin were detained on Saturday in
connection to the case. RY/DT

Source: Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria