Vice President Iotova: "March 3 Brings Together Bulgarians Worldwide"

March 3 (BTA) - Bulgarian Vice
President Iliana Iotova, who is paying a working visit to the US
 (February 28 - March 4), greeted the Bulgarians in Los Angeles,
 where she attended an observance of Bulgaria's national day at
the Bulgarian School St. St. Cyril and Methodius on Sunday, the
President's Press Secretariat reported.

"Our task is to preserve our national identity in the global
world regardless of our individual fate, to cultivate Bulgarian
self-confidence in our children," the Vice President emphasized.
 "We all: Bulgarians in Bulgaria and Bulgarians abroad, must
take up the mission of preserving and disseminating the
Bulgarian language," she added.

During the celebration, schoolchildren sang and recited poems in

Later in the day in Irvine, Orange County, Iotova talked to
members of the Bulgarian community of Southern California, the
President's Press Secretariat said. The Vice President's project
 for an Internet platform to keep expat Bulgarians in touch
among each other and with Bulgaria attracted keen interest.

Source: Los Angeles, California