Education Minister Vulchev: All Bulgarian Schools to Have Wi-Fi Networks By the End of 2019

21 February (BTA) - By the end of 2019 all schools in the
 country should have wi-fi networks, said Minister of Education
and Science Krassimir Vulchev on Thursday at a conference on
digital education.

"It is not just about schools having internet routers, but about
 providing a secure network," said Minister Vulchev. He noted
that internet in schools should be safe and oriented towards
useful educational content. "It is important to implement
policies for learning advanced digital skills at school because
children today will be on the labor market in 2050, when most
professions will require more digital skills than they do
today," said Vulchev.

"The project "Education for the Future", which we are launching,
 will fund activities in the field of digital creativity for
students as young as first grade," Vulchev said.

He noted  that all schools wishing to buy rights for electronic
school registers will be funded this year. Electronic school
registers will make grades and attendance easier to track and
parents will receive the information faster.

At a separate meeting on the subject of education in Samokov,
Denitsa Sacheva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science,  said
 that one of the Education Ministry's main tasks is to motivate
more young people with good academic results to become teachers,
 said the Education Ministry.

Sacheva noted that over 30,000 teachers are expected to retire
over the next eight years and university students preparing for
the position are a little over 20,000.

Sacheva also presented the national program "IT Business
Teaches", through which technology specialists from IT companies
  will be able to teach together with teachers on specific
topics in information technology classes. Teachers in the
subject will be able to undergo internships in IT form to
acquire more knowledge and skills. RY/DT



Source: Sofia