Ambassador Caponi Speaks Out on Venezuela Crisis


Ambassador Caponi
Speaks Out
on Venezuela Crisis

Sofia, December 19 (BTA) - "Real humanitarian aid could only be neutral, independent, universal, non-political and delivered at the request of the recipient," said Venezuelan Ambassador Orietta Caponi at a BTA-hosted discussion on developments in Venezuela on Tuesday.

"Aid should never be used for extortion or aggression and less so for justification of war," Caponi said.

The Ambassador said that by plundering the economic resources of Venezuela the US government violates the human rights of the Venezuelan people causing massive collective suffering.

The aim of the Venezuelan government is not to facilitate a foreign intervention but to help the people of Venezuela and it is working with the United Nations and countries such as Russia, China, India and Cuba in order to overcome the economic sanctions and manage to buy medicines and food for its people. Just like any other country Venezuela needs access to revenues from its resources but this opportunity is denied to the people of Venezuela because of the sanctions imposed by the US, said Ambassador Caponi.

The discussion was organized by the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, the Association of Spanish Speaking Journalists in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Diplomatic Society and the Bulgaria-Venezuela Friendship Association. According to the organizers, the initiative was prompted by a desire and a need to hear the views of more experts and analysts on the Venezuela crisis.

The election situation, problems imported from abroad, and economic problems caused the current crisis in Venezuela, which has divided society and in which the external factors are too strong, said Alexander Sivilov of the Sofia University's Faculty of History. The interests of big powers are pushing this country into a civil war but hopefully this will be averted through the intervention of the international community, he added. RY/PP


Source: Sofia