Agriculture Minister Porozhanov Met with Moroccan Ambassador Zakia El Midaoui

February 19 (BTA) - Bulgarian Agriculture, Food and
Forestry Minister Roumen Porozhanov met with Moroccan Ambassador
 Zakia El Midaoui on Tuesday, his ministry said. The two
discussed the European market, which Porozhanov defined as
primary for Bulgarian producers, and as strongly competitive.

The minister noted that for Bulgaria, relations with countries
outside the EU are just as important, and that local farmers and
 manufacturers should have the opportunity to enter good markets
 such as Morocco and North Africa.

The Ambassador noted that Morocco is a distribution centre of
goods for the rest of Africa and could be seen as a platform for
 Bulgarian exporters, while Bulgaria, on its part, is a door to
the Balkans. A joint Bulgarian-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce will
 be established to strengthen the commercial and economic
cooperation between the two countries.

Porozhanov noted that big investments in either of the countries
 are a complex process but that mutual interest will make their
realization possible.

Midaoui invited Bulgarian firms to participate in the biggest
Moroccan agriculture exhibition which takes place on April
16-21. In 2018, there were representatives of over 70 countries,
 23 of which African, and over one million visitors. RY/TH

Source: Sofia