GERB Deputy Leader Tsvetanov Confers with U.S. Secretary of State in Washington


GERB Deputy Leader Tsvetanov
Confers with U.S. Secretary of State
in Washington

Washington D.C., February 8 (BTA) - GERB Floor Leader and Deputy Leader Tsvetan Tsvetanov briefed U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the political decision of the Bulgarian Parliament to mandate the Bulgarian government to begin negotiations with the US on the acquisition of F-16 fighter jets. The two conferred on the sidelines of a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

Tsvetanov noted that when an agreement is reached, the procedure will be finalized and ratified by the Bulgarian Parliament in mid-year.

Tsvetanov expressed satisfaction that with the possible F-16 acquisition Bulgaria will defend its sovereignty and achieve full operational interoperability with neigbouring NATO countries. The two sides concurred that another very important aspect is the European and Transatlantic prospects before the countries from the region. After the Bulgarian EU Presidency which put the European perspective of Western Balkan countries on the EU agenda, those prospects have become irreversible. Tsvetanov cited Macedonia which signed a NATO accession protocol after having signed two treaties with Bulgaria and Greece.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo voiced support for the democratic processes in the region and conveyed greetings to Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. He underscored that the Bulgarian government is a worthy ally in the region.

Tsvetanov attended the 67th National Prayer Breakfast with U.S. President Donald Trump along with Movement for Rights and Freedoms leader Mustafa Karadayi, MP Plamen Nunev (GERB), MP Zhelyo Boychev (Bulgarian Socialist Party), Deputy Sports Minister Vanya Koleva and Sofia Deputy Mayor Todor Chobanov.

On the sidelines of the forum, the Bulgarian delegation held meetings with leaders from Southeastern Europe and U.S. congressmen. PP

Source: Washington D.C.