PM Borissov Opens Overpass, Comments Recent Scandal

Stara Zagora, Southern Bulgaria, February 3 (BTA) - Prime Minister Boyko Borissov opened here on Sunday a renewed four-lane overpass that connects the city of Stara Zagora with the industrial zone and the Trakia Motorway.

The 550 metres-long overpass ensures the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, while the railway underneath it will no longer be flooded, said the city's Mayor Zhivko Todorov.

Commenting on the recent escalation of tensions between GERB and the Socialists, and the latter's accusations that Culture Minister Boil Banov has abused his office, Borissov urged all politicians to carefully choose their words. "If this confrontation does not stop, it will get in the way of whoever wins the elections. I will not get into this topic," he said.

According to the Prime Minister, people expect new things every day, such as kindergartens, schools, infrastructure, cultural projects. He called on his opponents to show their accomplishments, instead of paying a few dozen people to protest. "Our policy is to show what we have accomplished," Borissov said.

The Prime Minister voiced satisfaction with the implementation of EU projects in the city, recalling that Stara Zagora has a new park, 80 retrofitted multifamily residential buildings, while the construction of a new hall with 150 seats is being planned. MY


Source: Stara Zagora