Bulgaria Adopts Plan of Action In Case of BREXIT Without Withdrawal Agreement

Bulgaria Adopts Plan of Action In Case of BREXIT Without Withdrawal Agreement


Bulgaria Adopts Plan of Action
In Case of BREXIT
Without Withdrawal Agreement

Sofia, January 30 (BTA) - The Bulgarian government adopted an Action Plan on Wednesday for the implementation of the EU's withdrawal agreement with the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, as well as an Action Plan for the UK's withdrawal from the EU without an agreement. Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva told reporters after a meeting at the Council of Ministers that the approved plan which concerns each area of public life aims to minimize the negative consequences.

In the event of an agreed upon withdrawal agreement, maximum possible continuity and consistency will be ensured of citizens' rights, Bulgarian interests, existing commercial and transport ties etc. At the same time, given the current state of the BREXIT process, Bulgaria is also preparing for a withdrawal without an agreement. In both cases, measures are envisaged in several areas: legislation, administrative capacity and training and information activities.

The press service points out that most important among the urgent actions are: Amendments to the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act and the Rules for its Implementation; reinforcement of the consular service in London with two more consular officers; taking action to open a consulate in Edinburgh, Scotland; conducting 20 more informational meetings by London Embassy employees for Bulgarian citizens living in different UK cities by the middle of the year; provision of day-to-day consultations to Bulgarian citizens in the UK related to their post-BEXIT rights and the application procedure for resident status; consultations with the European Commission, the EU Member States and the UK on the adaptation of legal framework; creating specific BREXIT-related sections in the websites of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Home Affairs and Tourism.

The plan also contains bilateral measures, the press service of the Cabinet added. These measures will only be implemented on issues where the EU does not envisage a common approach and only if there is a need to fill the legal vacuum.

Depending on the type of withdrawal and whether or not there is a transitional period, the agencies should immediately ensure either the preparation of arrangements for the implementation of the agreement or the implementation of the plan without an agreement.

Responding to a question, Zaharieva said that Bulgarian citizens traveling to the United Kingdom for up to 90 days will travel visa-free, and Bulgarians who live on UK territory by March 29, 2019 will be able to apply for an easy procedure called "residence qualification". RY/DT


Source: Sofia