Parliament Leader Karayancheva Slams President for "Pessimistic" Speeches


Parliament Leader Karayancheva
Slams President
for "Pessimistic" Speeches

Veliko Turnovo, North Central Bulgaria, January 29 (BTA) - Speaking to reporters in Veliko Turnovo on Tuesday, Parliament Chairperson Tsveta Karayancheva commented: "The President's speeches are all alike: they are gloomy, pessimistic, denigrating and humiliating Bulgaria, as if they were meant to be delivered by the president of an enemy country who wants to humiliate, crush and conquer Bulgaria."

On Monday, President Rumen Radev criticized the power holders at a news conference marking his first two years in office.

Karayancheva said: "All of a sudden, it turns out we have to hold early parliamentary elections, though this was not the case two months ago; the President probably wants to form a caretaker government which will change Parliament's decision." She was apparently referring to the selection of Lockheed Martin as the supplier of a new multirole fighter for the Air Force, which the President viewed as untransparent.

"Mr President, you are welcome to visit Parliament to finally see how it works," said Karayancheva. She explained that the National Assembly adopts legislation in the interest of the Bulgarian public, after public discussion and impact assessment and with proper reasoning. She argued that the President's allegation about the adoption of lobbyist legislation is unsubstantiated. Parliament is the most transparent institution in Bulgaria, it is the place to engage in dialogue with the President and his experts, she said.

"If you have outgrown your presidential suit, you should form a party, which seems to be what you want," said Karayancheva, adding that if Radev does his best to win the parliamentary elections in two years and become prime minister, he will be able to make the important decisions.

Karayancheva was adamant that no conditions exist for early parliamentary elections. She stressed that Bulgaria is progressing, has support, unemployment is low, the investments are growing.

Karayancheva also said that no grounds exist for the Prime Minister to resign. "The Prime Minister listens to the voice of the people, and at the moment there is not such wish, save in the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), who have started campaigning for the upcoming European Parliament elections," she said. In her words, the President too has started a campaign in support of BSP.

Meanwhile, it emerged that a steering committee suggests declaring April 16 an official holiday, and granting Veliko Turnovo, where the Turnovo constitution was signed 140 years ago, a status of a historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria. The idea was suggested during a news conference where Karayancheva spoke about the highlights of marking the anniversary. February 10 will be an open-door day in Parliament. On April 16 the National Assembly will hold a sitting in the building in Veliko Turnvo which hosted the constituent National Assembly. LY/DD, ZH


Source: Veliko Turnovo, North Central Bulgaria