Volya Leads New Patriotic Coalition for European Elections

January 24 (BTA) - Volya, the Agrarian Union Aleksandar
Stamboliyski, the People's Party for Freedom and Dignity and the
 United Social Democrats will contest together in a coalition
the European elections on May 26, it transpired at a news
conference on Thursday. The name of the coalition is 'Volya-The
Bulgarian Patriots'.

"We are creating the backbone of a coalition for a full cycle
which will end with the next presidential elections," said Volya
 leader Vesselin Mareshki. The coalition remains open to new

Mareshki will top the coalition's ticket in the European
elections. He said he would decide whether to give up his seat
depending on the elections results.

"According to us, the European institutions need a change
towards less bureaucracy, measures against corruption, more
freedom for national members, respect for the national identity
and dignity of every country, protection of European values,
policies to improve the welfare of all European citizens and 
ensure their security and rights," said Mareshki.

The coalition will be promoting as shared values education,
healthcare, security, European incomes, doing away with
monopolies, cartels and conventional crime, protection of
Bulgarian farmers and businessmen, clear and effective laws, and
 ethnic and religious tolerance.

"The patriotic wave which is sweeping through Europe and which
will reach its climax in May will change the European Union from
 within,"  Mareshki said.

United Social Democrats leader Yordan Yordanov said that the
coalition will work to win two seats in the European Parliament.

Spas Panchev, leader of the Agrarian Union Aleksandar
Stamboliyski, voiced confidence that other agrarian formations
will join the coalition.

Orhan Ismailov, leader of the People's Party for Freedom and
Dignity, said that the party is joining the coalition because
patriotism means supporting and helping anyone who is in need, 
uniting people for the sake of their nation and for the
prosperity of the people.

Asked whether the coalition is open to accept Ataka, Mareshki
said that the United Patriots coalition will contest the
European election undivided and that Ataka leader Volen Siderov
will top its list. Mareshki said that his coalition will not
accept the DOST party of Lyutvi Mestan. RY/PP

Source: Sofia