Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto Supports Bulgaria in Protest against Mobility Package, Praises Country for Protection of EU Border

January 17 (BTA) - Hungary has expressed readiness to
support Bulgaria in its next efforts against the passage of the
controversial Mobility Package 1, dubbed as the Macron package,
it emerged during a working meeting in Sofia between Foreign
Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva and her Hungarian counterpart Peter
 Szijjarto, Zaharieva's Ministry said in a press release
Thursday. Szijjarto is on a visit to Sofia.

The two ministers were unanimous that in its current shape the
Mobility Package violates the rules of the European market and
uses the issue of protection of the drivers' social right as a

"If a given business is more competitive than another, if the
Bulgarian and Hungarian road hauliers, for example, are more
competitive, why can't they be hired in Europe," Zaharieva

Szijjarto said that Hungary thinks that the proposals under the
Mobility Package run against the European values and agreements.
 The Hungarian Foreign Minister said that his country is
concerned that the West Europeans do not accept that there are
economic areas where the Central Europeans are more competitive.

The participants in the meeting also discussed the UN Migration
Compact. The guest described as good Bulgaria's decision to
refrain from joining the document. He said that the migration
issue continues to be of primary importance for Hungary.

Szijjarto also noted Hungary's interest in using natural gas
from the possible extension of the TurkStream gas pipeline
through Bulgaria and Serbia, if the extension is built.
Zaharieva said that Bulgaria is studying the opportunity, has
invested a lot in its gas transmission network, and wants to
have diversified sources of natural gas.

Zaharieva and Szijjarto discussed the latest developments
concerning Brexit, and other issues of the regional, European
and international agenda.

Also on Thursday the guest conferred with Interior Minister
Mladen Marinov, Marinov's Ministry said in a press release.

At the meeting the Bulgarian and Hungarian officials noted the
excellent cooperation between the two countries in the area of
internal affairs and the absence of outstanding issues. A review
 was made of the current situation with migration in the EU. The
 participants in the meeting noted the need for monitoring all
migration routes, despite the reduced migratory pressure on the
EU at the moment.

Szijjarto praised Bulgaria for its performance in protecting the
 external EU border and the achievements in cracking down on
illegal migration to the EU.

Marinov and Szijjarto exchanged views on current issues of the
EU agenda on migration and asylum. Marinov pointed the need of a
 common European, long-term and lasting solution to such issues,
 based on the principle of a balance between solidarity and
responsibility of the EU member states.

Marinov thanked for Hungary's consistent support for Bulgaria's
membership in the border-free Schengen Area and reaffirmed this
country's readiness to continue to do everything necessary to
safeguard the security of EU's external border. RY/ZH

Source: Sofia