Socialists' National Council Approves European Election Platform

Socialists' National Council Approves European Election Platform


Socialists' National Council
Approves European Election

Sofia, January 13 (BTA) - The National Council of the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) approved Vision for Europe, its platform for the European Parliament elections, on Saturday evening, said the party's press office.

The BSP members of the European Parliament will oppose the adoption of the Macron package, which favours some EU Member States at the expense of others; will support Bulgaria's entry in the Schengen area without new conditions; will be against the continued implementation of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism; and will stand against the Istanbul Convention and the UN pact on global migration.

The Left MEPs will work towards the equality of citizens and of the Member States in implementing common policies; equal participation in the EU's energy policy through construction of new nuclear capacity and development of the gas transit network across Bulgaria; a common migration policy aligned with the Member States' interests and requirements; further EU integration of the Western Balkans including the resolution of issues of national significance - the Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage in the territory of the candidate countries and the rights of Bulgarian minorities - during the talks. The BSP supports the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor's Office and a phase-out of the EU sanctions on Russia. LI/DD

Source: Sofia