Bulgarian Government Proposes to Parliament to Start Negotiations with the USA for New Military Aircraft

January 9 (BTA) - The Cabinet will propose to the
National Assembly to review and adopt the Council of Ministers'
report and to have the Council of Ministers draft an
international contract and start negotiations with the US
government for the acquisition of a new military aircraft type
by Bulgaria, Defense Minister Krassimir Karakachanov said at a
briefing in the Council of Ministers building on Wednesday.

Karakachanov said that the government has decided to have the
Prime Minister organize the negotiations. "When drafting the
international contract, the negotiating team must include
Bulgarian ministers of defence, economy, foreign affairs and
finances," he noted.

The Defence Minister added that the government's decision allows
 for the draft contract to divert from the compulsory
requirements indicated in the updated investment project,
Acquisition of a New Type Combat Aircraft (ANTCA), approved by
the National Assembly in 2018.

"After the proposal is approved, the Foreign and Defence
Ministers will inform the countries included in ANTCA of
Bulgaria's decision," Karakachanov said. RY/TH

Source: Sofia